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Physical activity is good for the microbiota!

Sports practice improves the composition and functionality of the gut microbiota, but its beneficial effects disappear as soon as you stop training.   The composition and functionality of the intestinal microbiota depend on several environmental and behavioral factors, such as diet, obesi...

Sports and microbiota: a virtuous circle?

Participating in high-level sports enriches the intestinal microbiota, which, in turn, may influence athletic performance.   What is a “healthy” microbiota and how can physical activity influence its composition? To find out, researchers carried out a study on 33 cyclists (22 professiona...

Is athletic performance determined by your intestinal microbiota?

Is the intestinal microbiota involved in injury and athletic performance? This is the question asked in the British Journal of Sports Medicine which researchers intend to answer. They based their hypothesis on several observations: The intestinal microbiota, through the immune system, is invol...
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