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Exercise and microbiota: a question of balance

Having trouble exercising under lockdown? With the easing of measures, no more excuses: it’s time to get back to it! Be careful, though: just like a sedentary lifestyle, too much physical activity may disrupt your gut microbiota and harm your muscles.   Numerous studies have shown that, i...

Do elite athletes have exceptional microbiota?

The higher an athlete's level, the more suited for competition the make-up of their gut microbiota. Predominant bacteria optimize the host’s metabolism, a factor in physical exertion, thereby contributing to the quality of performance.   Healthy microbiota in a healthy body: this might be...

Bacteria boost marathon runners’ times

What if the performance of marathon runners was also related to their gut microbiota? That is the conclusion from a North American study focusing on the link between the presence of bacteria from the Veillonella genus and athletic performance.   Based on recent works, it seems that marath...
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