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Do elite athletes have exceptional microbiota?

The higher an athlete's level, the more suited for competition the make-up of their gut microbiota. Predominant bacteria optimize the host’s metabolism, a factor in physical exertion, thereby contributing to the quality of performance.   Healthy microbiota in a healthy body: this might be...

Bacteria boost marathon runners’ times

What if the performance of marathon runners was also related to their gut microbiota? That is the conclusion from a North American study focusing on the link between the presence of bacteria from the Veillonella genus and athletic performance.   Based on recent works, it seems that marath...

Athletes: think about protecting your oral flora!

High-level athletes are more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease (gingivitis), dental plaque, chronic dental diseases… Is their mouth more fragile? A study of the oral microbiota of professional rugby players by a French team seems to confirm it.   Since a number of observations were m...
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