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In space, microbiota is under stress

Living in space exposes astronauts’ bodies, including their microbiota, to extreme conditions. The gut flora may even need help to keep the host in shape, both in flight and back on Earth.   Bear this in mind before embarking on a trip to Mars: space missions aren’t all fun. Microgravity ...

What astronauts teach us about microbes

Even in a confined area like a space rocket, the microbial ecosystem remains dynamic and potentially pathogenic.   During a space flight, each astronaut introduces billions of microorganisms into the rocket--some of which could be a threat to the crew. The specific conditions of this kind...

Living at altitude changes the composition of the skin

Although we know that the diversity of the cutaneous microbiota is influenced in part by the environment, we don’t know the effect of altitude on that ecosystem.   Living at very high altitude exposes the skin to extreme conditions: low atmospheric pressure, lack of oxygen, increased expo...
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