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Ease up on the cleaning: dust may protect against asthma!

Eradicating dust to prevent childhood asthma may be useless, even counterproductive: the microbiota of certain allergens may have a protective effect.   Asthma, the number one chronic disease in children, may be linked to early exposure to environmental or psychosocial risk factors. The e...

Longer and healthier living through bacteria!

Will we be able to slow down the effects of aging someday? There is now hope, according to the results of a study that say it’s just a matter of restoring our intestinal flora.   Although we want to increase our lifespans, we wish to do so and remain in good health. Many studies have show...

Is stress passed down from mother to daughter?

What mechanisms make mice, who were subjected to maternal stress in utero, develop anxiety/depressive disorders as adults?   That’s the question an American team, whose work on female mice was published in the journal "Brain, Behavior and Immunity", wanted to answer, The researchers made ...
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