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Oral microbiota transplant to combat cavities?

Could an oral microbiota transplant cure dental cavities and periodontitis, just as a fecal transplant cures some gastrointestinal diseases?   Cavities are the most widespread dental disease worldwide, ahead of severe periodontitis (degradation of the supporting tissue of the teeth), whic...

Oral microbiota: a barrier against cancer?

Smoking and poor oral hygiene are two major risk factors of mouth or throat cancer associated to a decrease in the diversity of the oral microbiota. What differences are there between the latter and the oral microbiota of a non-smoker and hygiene-conscious individual?   To answer this que...

Identifying the bacteria that cause cavities

The oral microbiota varies depending on how healthy your teeth are (whether or not you have cavities) but we still don’t fully understand how it changes when a cavity forms.   The sugars we eat are fermented by bacteria in the dental plaque, which makes the mouth more acidic. When it happ...
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