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Athletes: think about protecting your oral flora!

High-level athletes are more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease (gingivitis), dental plaque, chronic dental diseases… Is their mouth more fragile? A study of the oral microbiota of professional rugby players by a French team seems to confirm it.   Since a number of observations were m...

Goodbye cavities? It could be possible thanks to Lactobacillus plantarum!

Dental cavities are the most common oral disease in the world and a major public health issue. Lactobacillus plantarum, a bacterium naturally present in the oral microbiota, could reduce its frequency, according to South Korean researchers.   A cavity that is not adequately treated can ge...

Tea, an ally for oral bacteria?

According to American researchers, the mouths of tea lovers are home to more beneficial bacteria and fewer harmful bacteria such as those capable of causing cavities.   The second most consumed drink in the world, tea is enjoying growing success. In France alone, two in three people drink...
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