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Is there a link between recurrent miscarriage and the vaginal microbiota?

A bacterial imbalance in vaginal microbiota is present in women with unexplained recurrent miscarriage, according to a small Chinese study which finally offers new prospects to prevent this painful pregnancy disorder.   Between 1 and 2% of women suffer from recurrent miscarriage (at least...

Bacterial vaginosis: when the equilibrium of the microbiota is destabilized

A few days before the development of this bacterial infection, the composition of the vaginal flora is thought to change: lactobacilli, which maintain its equilibrium, disappear gradually in favor of pathogenic bacteria initially present in the vaginal flora.   Bacterial vaginosis is a co...

Wet bottom: koalas decimated by bacteria

Chlamydia infections have been decimating Australian populations of koalas for several years. But other bacteria could be involved.   “Wet bottom” counts as one of the most serious threats hanging over koalas. Although the name may appear harmless, in reality it is a fatal disease which h...
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