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Is the vaginal microbiota to blame for painful periods?

Cramps or discomfort during menstruation is normal but excessive pain that makes you miss work or school is not. This new study looks at the vaginal microbiota’s role in painful periods (dysmenorrhea).   When it comes to painful periods, we’re not all in the same boat. There is significan...

Bacterial vaginosis: when the equilibrium of the microbiota is destabilized

A few days before the development of this bacterial infection, the composition of the vaginal flora is thought to change: lactobacilli, which maintain its equilibrium, disappear gradually in favor of pathogenic bacteria initially present in the vaginal flora.   Bacterial vaginosis is a co...

Why vaginal douches should be avoided

Cleansing products intended for use in intimate hygiene destroy the “good” bacteria in the vaginal flora, according to the authors of a new study, which warns against vaginal douches, a practice still too widespread.   Although the importance of personal hygiene admits no discussion, the ...
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