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In japan, families share their microbiota in the bath!

Sharing bathtub water is a singular but deep-rooted tradition in the land of the rising sun. It could favor bacterial exchanges between household members and play a part in the development of a “family microbiota” with many common features.   Environmental factors such as diet, contact wi...

Surfers contribute to antibiotic resistance

A British study indicates that surfers are more at risk of being infected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria present in seawater.   Bacterial resistance to antibiotics has become a global public health issue. According to some estimates, resistant bacteria could cause close to 10 million de...

The microbial world inside your dishwasher

Many studies have shown that bacteria and fungi colonize a wide range of everyday objects: from the coffee machine to the washing machine, microorganisms are everywhere. That is why, an international team focused on the microorganisms present in the dishwasher and their potential impact on our healt...
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Gastroenteritis and other types of infectious diarrhea -  When your microbiota is struggling

For example, we are told that antibiotics not only target pathogens. Although antibiotics eradicate pathogenic germs responsible for infections, they can also destroy some beneficial bacteria of the gut microbiota and lead to an imbalance that can in turn cause diarrhea. Between 10% and 30% of patie...
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