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Cavities: the major role of fungi

Bacteria may not be the only causes of cavity formation. Certain fungi of the oral microbiota could play a major role in cavity development and severity, while other fungi could have a protective effect.   Despite progress regarding prevention, dental caries or cavities remain one of the ...

Bacteria as restorers of works of art: future allies of heritage conservation?

An Italian team detailed the deterioration of a 17th-century Baroque painting caused by bacteria and fungi. They also identified three bacterial species that have the ability to counter such deterioration.   When it comes to art, biodegradability is rarely compatible with durability. The ...

Each bee has its own role and its own flora

Bees are the champions of the division of labor. A study shows how their social status influences the bacteria and fungi of their intestinal flora. Valuable information, both for honey lovers and for the planet.   The life of a honey bee is not a long quiet river, except perhaps for a que...
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