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Non-alcoholic beer: the gut microbiota just loves it!

A Mexican study compared the effects of beer consumption–with or without alcohol–on the bacteria of our intestinal flora. The conclusion was unambiguous: raise your glass to sobriety, it is way better than amber nectar!   Although alcohol abuse is detrimental to health, the discussion reg...

Are vegetarian and vegan diets healthy?

A healthy diet is essential to the development and protection of the gut microbiota, which transforms absorbed nutrients. But to protect our intestines and our health, do we have to eat a little of everything or do we have to focus on plants and restrict–or even eliminate–animal products from our di...

Red meat and cardiovascular diseases: the role of the gut microbiota

Why do red meat lovers have a higher cardiovascular risk? Probably because of their increased blood TMAO levels, a molecule produced by gut microbiota bacteria, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal.   The gut microbiota has already been shown in animal models to be...
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