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Could changing the intestinal microbiota treat bipolar disorder?

The intestinal microbiota may be a therapeutic target in treatment for bipolar disorder, according to a recent study.   Several studies have shown the effectiveness of therapies based on the manipulation of the microbiota (fecal transplant, probiotics, prebiotics) in treating psychiatric ...

Sports and microbiota: a virtuous circle?

Participating in high-level sports enriches the intestinal microbiota, which, in turn, may influence athletic performance.   What is a “healthy” microbiota and how can physical activity influence its composition? To find out, researchers carried out a study on 33 cyclists (22 professiona...

Longer and healthier living through bacteria!

Will we be able to slow down the effects of aging someday? There is now hope, according to the results of a study that say it’s just a matter of restoring our intestinal flora.   Although we want to increase our lifespans, we wish to do so and remain in good health. Many studies have show...
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