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Is it possible to prevent allergies by feeding cheese to your children?

A European study shows that children who eat cheese from the age of 18 months are less prone to developing allergies during their first six years of life.   Cheddar, Stilton, blue cheese or camembert … To prevent the onset of food and skin allergies, children’s diet should include signifi...

Roasted, grilled or boiled food: what does your intestinal flora like best?

Roasting or grilling your food seems to be more beneficial for the gut microbiota than boiling, according to a new study that will be published in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.   Among all factors that may impact microorganisms hosted in our gastrointestinal tract, food i...

Tobacco could impair the microbial diversity of the small intestine

The intestinal flora of smokers is less rich and less diversified than that of non-smokers. This difference is likely to encourage the development of gastrointestinal diseases, according to Australian researchers who have conducted the very first study on the harmful effect of tobacco on the duodena...
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