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Are vegetarian and vegan diets healthy?

A healthy diet is essential to the development and protection of the gut microbiota, which transforms absorbed nutrients. But to protect our intestines and our health, do we have to eat a little of everything or do we have to focus on plants and restrict–or even eliminate–animal products from our di...

Red meat and cardiovascular diseases: the role of the gut microbiota

Why do red meat lovers have a higher cardiovascular risk? Probably because of their increased blood TMAO levels, a molecule produced by gut microbiota bacteria, according to a study published in the European Heart Journal.   The gut microbiota has already been shown in animal models to be...

Do food additives have an impact on behavior?

Food additives are already known to be bad for our health, but they could also disrupt the gut microbiota and have an impact on behavior, according to a recent study. This hypothesis could very well lead us to reconsider our dietary habits.   They have taken over supermarket shelves and a...
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