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Fecal transplant: oral capsules are a welcomed alternative

Does the route of administration of a fecal transplant affect its efficacy? To answer this question and pave the way to a less invasive treatment, a team of Canadian researchers compared the efficacy of oral capsules with that of colonoscopy which is the standard treatment to prevent Clostridium dif...

Fermented soy milk is more than good for you!

Daily consumption of soy milk is beneficial to the skin of premenopausal women, but it has to be fermented by lactobacilli (special lactic bacteria) to improve the balance of the intestinal microbiota, according to a Japanese study.   Soy milk contains vegetable substances (isoflavones) w...

Physical activity is good for the microbiota!

Sports practice improves the composition and functionality of the gut microbiota, but its beneficial effects disappear as soon as you stop training.   The composition and functionality of the intestinal microbiota depend on several environmental and behavioral factors, such as diet, obesi...
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