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Is the vaginal microbiota to blame for painful periods?

Cramps or discomfort during menstruation is normal but excessive pain that makes you miss work or school is not. This new study looks at the vaginal microbiota’s role in painful periods (dysmenorrhea).   When it comes to painful periods, we’re not all in the same boat. There is significan...

Dogs and dust microbiota in asthma prevention: a masterstroke?

Dogs not only bring affection and entertainment into the home, their presence also modifies the dust microbiota, which may have a preventive and protective effect against asthma for young dog owners.   All dog owners have experienced it: their pooch sheds hair everywhere, testing the pati...

Libido: gut bacteria spoiling the fun

Low libido is often blamed on excessive routine or the passing years. What if there were a less obvious culprit, one quietly nestled inside our gut?   Loss of libido is a sexual disorder with multiple consequences, including reduced quality of life, low self-confidence and self-esteem, an...
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