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Is sunlight beneficial to your gut microbiota?

Diet, age, environment, etc. Many factors influence the composition of the gut microbiota, and exposure to sunlight–particularly ultraviolet B–is one of them.   Ultraviolet B (UVB) intensity depends on a number of natural factors, including latitude, altitude, weather conditions, time of ...

Ozone pollution alters the gut microbiota

For the first time a study has shown that exposure to air pollution–and particularly ozone pollution–alters the composition and function of the intestinal flora in humans.   The fine particles and pollutants in the air we breathe not only poison our lungs, but apparently disrupt the intes...

Cavities: the major role of fungi

Bacteria may not be the only causes of cavity formation. Certain fungi of the oral microbiota could play a major role in cavity development and severity, while other fungi could have a protective effect.   Despite progress regarding prevention, dental caries or cavities remain one of the ...
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