An easy-to-use IBS diagnostic tool

Three international renowned gastroenterologists (Pr. Jean-Marc Sabaté, Pr. Jan Tack and Dr. Pedro Costa Moreira) have just launched, with the support of the Biocodex Microbiota Institute, an IBS diagnostic tool to better diagnose IBS and help healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients.

Created 30 April 2024
Updated 16 May 2024
How to define IBS? What do we know about the physiopathology? How to make a confident diagnosis? What are the warning signs? Which investigations are needed? What are the general management concepts? How often a follow up care is conducted?

About this article

Created 30 April 2024
Updated 16 May 2024

How many patients suffering from functional bowel disorder does a healthcare professional see per week? Do you know that up to 75% of individuals with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) may be undiagnosed and may struggle more than 4 years before receiving a formal medical diagnosis?

Properly diagnosing IBS can be challenging and uncertain for different reasons: complex disorder with symptoms often difficult to quantify objectively, complex to explain it to patient during an average consultation…

Nevertheless, IBS symptoms sufferers need to be diagnosed and deserve a special attention as well as a dedicated treatment.

This is the reason why Pr. Jean-Marc Sabaté, Pr. Jan Tack, Dr. Pedro Costa Moreira with the support of the Biocodex Microbiota Institute have created an easy-to-use and practice-oriented IBS diagnostic tool with a dual objective for healthcare professionals:  better diagnose IBS and improve dialogue with their patients.

Why is it useful in their daily practice?
  • Because it contains simple infographic about the disorder, the physiopathology, synonymous names…
  • Because it includes an easy-to-use check list to make a differential diagnosis (diagnosis criteria, IBS subtypes, a tick book of the alarm symptoms…)
  • Because it holds a reminder about all they need to know to go further (investigation, management, follow up)
Why is it trustful?
  • Because it has been created by IBS international renowned experts
  • Because it has received the endorsement of the World Gastroenterology Organisation
Why is it helpful to communicate with their patients?
  • Because it contains lay public like sentences to explain IBS and microbiota

The tool is available in 3 formats. Pick the one for you!

  1. Fan deck brochure
  2. Digital
  3. Tod download

Get yours here : IBS Diagnoisis Tick Book

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