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This Internet site is published and hosted by: BIOCODEX

Simplified stock company [Société par actions simplifiée], registered equity: 4,284,000 euros

Head office located at 7 avenue Gallieni - F-94250 Gentilly, France

Listed in the Créteil Trade and Companies register under No. 562 064 600

Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 24 30 00

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·         Publication director: Mr Jean-Marie LEFEVRE, managing director, BIOCODEX

·         Corporate communication officer: Ms Elisabeth MAHE-TISSOT

1/ Site content:

The Internet site is aimed at the general public and health professionals.

The Internet site is intended to provide useful information better to understand the various microbiotas and their importance to human health. Its content has been drafted by a team of designers and editorial staff who are not health professionals on the basis of reference works and bibliographic data. Content has been validated by qualified health personnel.

Although Biocodex has taken the greatest care in developing this website, the said site may contain inaccuracies. Visitors are kindly requested to inform us of any suggestions they may have to optimise it by writing to the following e-mail address: [email protected]

Information provided by this Internet site does not in any manner replace medical advice.

The Internet site may contain hypertext links or references to other Internet sites. BIOCODEX does not exercise any control over the content of third-party Internet sites and may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the consultation of said content.

2/ Intellectual property:

The Internet site is intellectual work protected by intellectual property law. The site along with all the items comprising it (such as logos, texts, photographs, images, PDF files and videos, etc.) are the exclusive property of Biocodex. The relevant domain name has been registered and is protected.

Duplication or reproduction in part or in its entirety of this Internet site or of any of its constituent components is authorised solely for private use. Any duplication or reproduction in part or in its entirety of the Internet site or of one of its constituent components in any medium and in any manner whatsoever for other purposes and in particular for business ends without formal authorisation Biocodex and/or the copyright holder is prohibited and shall constitute counterfeiting liable to criminal prosecution.

The same applies to databases featuring in this Internet site, which are protected by the provisions stipulated in French law dated 1 July 1998 concerning the transposition in the French Intellectual Property Code of European Directive dated 11 March 1996 concerning the legal protection of databases.

Brands and logos featuring in the Internet site are registered brands (semi-figurative and otherwise). Furthermore, the images featuring in this Internet site are protected by copyright. Any reproduction in part or in its entirety of said images, brands or logos from this Internet site's components is not authorised without prior written consent from Biocodex, as defined by article L 713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code.

 3/ Privacy:

Biocodex is committed to complying with regulatory and code of practice provisions regarding personal data protection within the context of the Information Technology and Privacy law. These rules ensure that your data are processed completely transparently in accordance with said provisions.

Internet users disclosing information of a personal nature in particular their e-mail address may at all times request the communication, modification, rectification or deletion of all files and processing in which their information is stored by sending an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

4/ Cookies and data collected during use of this Internet site:

A cookie is a small file that the Internet site saves on the user's terminal (computer, tablet PC, smartphone, etc.) and which contains specific information. For example, this makes it possible to make browsing easier at a later visit and to ensure specific functions. Only the cookie issuer can read the information stored in the file.

Cookies are installed only after the site viewer accepts and agrees; continued browsing of the Internet site is deemed acceptance. You may block usage of these cookies by configuring your browser, although access to some services may require prior acceptance of cookies by the user.

5/ Advice from a medical professional

Information contained in this Internet site is not comprehensive and stems from scientific data and cannot replace advice from a medical professional. For more information, please contact a medical professional.


The Internet site may contain links to third-party sites. Biocodex shall not be held liable for the content of said sites, nor for usage of such by users. Users and visitors of the Internet site may add a hyperlink to this site only with prior, formal consent from Biocodex.


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