Antimicrobial resistance: Doctor, your role is essential! Patient, your behavior is key!

In November, Biocodex and the Biocodex Microbiota Institute join for the 4th year the World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW) to improve understanding of antimicrobial resistance. Recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a top influencer of the WAAW campaign, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute, an international hub of knowledge dedicated to microbiota, takes part in this initiative with exclusive contents for physicians and the lay public. From live savers to microbiota disrupters, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute explores the Janus face of antibiotics.

Created 23 November 2023
Updated 17 May 2024

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Created 23 November 2023
Updated 17 May 2024

According to the International Microbiota Observatory, more than 9 out of 10 (95%) people who repeatedly benefited from information from their healthcare professional had adopted specific behaviors to maintain a balanced microbiota. What about antibiotics? Well, according to the same study, only 1 in 3 patients said their healthcare professional had informed them that taking antibiotics could upset their microbiota balance. Because information provided by healthcare professionals is a game-changing vector of behavior, during the WAAW 2024 (18-24th November), the Biocodex Microbiota Institute sheds the light on the key role played by physician regarding information about the impact of antibiotics on microbiota and health.

Train the physicians: pass it on to their patients.

Engaging healthcare professionals (antibiotics prescribers) with tailor-made content.  During the WAAW campaign, Biocodex Microbiota Institute federates its physicians ‘community with two “hub” pages gathering all physicians’ tools (thematic folder, accredited training on dysbiosis and the impact of antibiotics, infographics to share with their patients, news, experts ‘interviews…).

Raising awareness of the impact of antibiotics on microbiota remains important. This two “hub” pages aim to provide physicians quick and ready-to-use material to improve their patients understanding of the importance of using antibiotics prudently.

Educate the lay public:  you can take action!

Hailed as one of the greatest medical advances of the 20th century, antibiotics have saved millions of lives. Today, they pose serious public health challenges: their excessive and inappropriate use leads to the emergence of numerous resistances, which, in the long term, could eventually make them ineffective. Moreover, they also can damage the microbiota by inducing a dysbiosis. For the lay public, the Institute investigates this ambivalence role with one “hub” page gathering all content on the impact of antibiotics on microbiota

From subsidiaries to the Biocodex Microbiota Institute passing through Beauvais manufacturing site, all Biocodex’s collaborators get involved!

For the WAAW campaign 2023, Biocodex Microbiota Institute website homepage, X, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts have turned blue. The Institute’s social networks are not the only ones… the Biocodex 9-hectare manufacturing and logistics center in Beauvais, near Paris, joined the color campaign by wearing blue during WAAW event. More than 30 spotlights have been placed to offer visitors and Biocodex collaborators a blue scenography. From November 18 to 24, the Institute invites Biocodex’s collaborators all over the world to join the campaign on social media thanks to a blue stamp they can put on LinkedIn.


Quote Murielle Escalmel

"Antimicrobial resistance is a global public health problem that can reshape the world of tomorrow. That's why we must come together and take action. The Biocodex Microbiota Institute's commitment is to shed light on the impact of antimicrobials on microbiota and stress the vital importance of their appropriate use."

Murielle Escalmel, Scientific Communication Director at the Biocodex Microbiota Institute

What is WAAW?

In 2023, the Quadripartite organizations (FAO, UNEP, WHO and WOAH) has renamed World Antimicrobial Awareness Week to World AMR Awareness Week (WAAW). The WAAW campaign aims to increase awareness of global antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and to encourage best practices for using antimicrobials responsibly among the lay public, health workers and policy makers, to avoid the further emergence and spread of drug-resistant infections.

About the Biocodex Microbiota Institute

The Biocodex Microbiota Institute is an international hub of knowledge that aims to foster better health by spreading information about human microbiota. To do so, the Institute addresses both healthcare professionals and the general public to raise awareness about the central role of this little-known organ.

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