Dr. Bazin (French winner 2021): Gut microbiota and Ruminococcus gnavus

To celebrate #WorldMicrobiomeDay, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute is handing the floor to national grant winners.

Created 15 June 2022
Updated 13 July 2022
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Created 15 June 2022
Updated 13 July 2022

What has the national grant allowed to discover in your microbiota research area?

Creating a microphysiological model to study the interactions between digestive epithelial cells and anaerobic microbiota from patients samples.

What are the consequences for the patient?

Today, the model allows researchers to better understand the physiopathology of gut inflammation and to reproduce ex vivo the specific interactions between eucaryote cells and bacteria. Ultimately, this model will allow clinicians to tailor the specific treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases.

Want to know more about Dr. Bazin

In your point of view, what is the biggest breakthrough related to microbiota these last years?

       Gut-on-chip technologies

Do you think there is a growing interest on microbiota recently?

       In the past decade yes, the microbiota bubble inflated, sometimes too much. These years the microbiota research stabilized and is still very productive.

Do you have a tip for taking care of our microbiota?

      Healthy tailored diet, good sleep, physical exercise, avoiding xenobiotics!

Do you have an anecdote, or a surprising fact/story to share on your research?

       Beer is trendy; auto-brewer syndrome has been described 😊.

What is for you the most fascinating bacteria?

       I don’t have in mind one in particular, what is fascinating for me is the ecosystem conception of human/microbiota interactions.

Do you have an inspirational person in mind? (in the field of research? / Medical? / in general?)

       Richard C. Lewontin (The triple Helix).

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