Dr. Martin (French winner 2019): Gastric microbiota & gastric malt lymphoma

To celebrate #WorldMicrobiomeDay, Biocodex Microbiota Institute is handing the floor to national grant winners.

Created 15 June 2022
Updated 13 July 2022
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Created 15 June 2022
Updated 13 July 2022

What has the national grant allowed to discover in your microbiota research area?

Studying gastric microbiota in patients with gastric malt lymphoma, which has never been done before.

What are the consequences for the patient?

Routinely offer antibiotics to patients with gastric malignant lymphoma, even if they do not have Helicobacter pylori infection.

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In your point of view, what is the biggest breakthrough related to microbiota these last years?

       Faecal transplantation for recurrent C. difficile infection.

Do you think there is a growing interest on microbiota recently?

       This has been a major area of research over the past decade, for sure.

Do you have a tip for taking care of our microbiota?

      Good nutrition and sport, I think!

Do you have an anecdote, or a surprising fact/story to share on your research?

       Helicobacter pylori still surprises us.

What is for you the most fascinating bacteria?

       Helicobacter pylori? (surprise!)

Do you have an inspirational person in mind? (in the field of research? / Medical? / in general?)

       Dr. James Allison and Pr. Tasuku Honjo for their nobel prize on the use of immunotherapy in cancer, perhaps the most important discovery of recent years.

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