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Actu PRO : Cancer du poumon : le microbiote intestinal signerait un stade précoce

Gut microbiota could be an indicator of early-stage lung cancer

Actu PRO : Le microbiote intestinal, une signature de la tuberculose ?

Could the gut microbiota be a tuberculosis signature?

Actu PRO Pas de lien évident entre microbiote intestinal et mort subite du nourrisson

No obvious link between intestinal microbiota and sudden infant death syndrome

Actu PRO un lien etabli entre microbiote intestinal et infections respiratoires

A connection between intestinal microbiota and respiratory infections has been confirmed

How does the intestinal microbiota influence the onset of respiratory diseases? Australian researchers compiled the most recent data.


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Biocodex Microbiota Institute overview

The Biocodex Microbiota Institute: an international leader in microbiota


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