Functional gastrointestinal disorders from childhood to adulthood

Functional gastrointestinal disorders have long remained underacknowledged. They include a range of pathologies diagnosed only based on symptomatic criteria (Rome IV) intended to establish a precise diagnosis and facilitate targeted patient care.

Although it is difficult to know precisely the etiology of these pathologies, the links with the alteration of the intestinal microbiota seem to be established. Besides current standard treatments, some novel hypotheses have been studied and a large part of scientific research is focused on the microbiota and its metabolites.

For example, researchers have brought to light the impact that the intestinal microbiota could have on the expression of psychiatric symptoms, which are frequent comorbidities in patients with FGIDs.

Available data encourage researchers to continue investigating in order to identify involved species and the modulation of the microbiota already seems to be able to provide an answer to complex situations.