MICROREVEAL: the new series on microbiota

As part of World Microbiome Day on June 27, and to celebrate microbiota diversity, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute is introducing a series on these high-impact microbial communities. A fascinating new world is open to you!

Created 26 June 2020
Updated 07 January 2022
Actu GP : MICROREVEAL : la nouvelle série sur les microbiotes

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Created 26 June 2020
Updated 07 January 2022

Experts have the floor

You’ve surely already heard of microbiota. Did you know they’re essential to the proper functioning of the body? World Microbiome Day is a chance to celebrate them. It aims to raise general awareness about the importance of these microbial communities, highlighting advances in research. Our new MICROREVEAL series is part of this educational goal. On June 27 and for the rest of the year, the series will shine a new light on the diversity of microbiomes. In these video reports, journalist Louise Ekland will interview experts about the influence of the various microbiomes in our bodies.

Focus on the vaginal microbiota

This first episode will focus on the vaginal microbiota. Like Julie, you probably wish to know more about this microbiota which plays a key role in women’s health. Louise interviewed Dr. Jean-Marc Bohbot, andrologist and specialist in urogenital infections.

What infections are linked to an imbalance of the vaginal microbiota? What can be done on a daily basis to preserve this microbiota?


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