Microbiota and child health

Microbiota and Child Health reports the latest advances on the link between microbiota and childhood health.

What are the links between child health and microbiota? The answers are becoming clearer as scientists elucidate the multiplicity of factors at work in dysbiosis, whether the latter is the cause or the consequence of a childhood pathology.

Without aiming to be exhaustive, this paper sheds light on current knowledge and prospects in four major areas: the impact of antibiotic use – by the mother and/or the child – on the microbiota and on childhood health in the long and short terms (overweight and obesity, IBD, antibiotic resistance, etc.); the interaction between the intestinal microbiota and child behavior (autism, ADHD); respiratory diseases such as pulmonary infections related to cystic fibrosis or bronchiolitis in newborns ; gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhea (including persistent diarrhea).

The purpose is to highlight the central role of the microbiota in the physical and mental development of children throughout their growth.

Created 01 June 2018
Updated 29 October 2021
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