Dr Amine Zorgani

Dr Amine, is a microbiome expert on a mission to save the human microbiome from extinction. Leveraging over a decade of research experience, he is at the forefront of efforts to unlock the potential of the microbiome. An engaging speaker at high-profile industry conferences, he shares his passion for realizing the microbiome's potential to transform medicine. Amine's microbiome posts grab the attention of over 2.6 millions in the past year alone. He leads his team with an infectious optimism that, together, they can push scientific boundaries. His mantra is that perseverance and collaboration lead to breakthroughs.

Check out his LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/amine-zorgani/?originalSubdomain=be

Check out the Microbiome Mavericks website: https://microbiomemavericks.com/