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Microbiota is a growing health topic and scientist consider it as the newly discovered organ of the human body. As related scientific research is booming, it is now clear that these trillions of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi) that compose the microbiota have a proven impact on health topics such as digestive conditions, woman and child health... To spread knowledge about microbiota and raise awareness about its stakes, the Biocodex Microbiota Institute designed a user-centric hub of knowledge dedicated to microbiota providing its visitors with reliable, up to date and adapted information for a better health. 

Created 04 February 2022
Updated 10 January 2024

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Created 04 February 2022
Updated 10 January 2024

Have you ever heard the word “dysbiosis”? Or about the benefits of probiotics for your health? Did you know that your gut microbiota is a good indicator of longevity? Or that your vaginal microbiota consists of hundreds of bacteria that help maintain a healthy vaginal environment? Curious and experts, will find the answers to these questions. 


A hub designed around three major health topics, built around personalized journeys:

A focus on the gut

“The Power of your Gut”: specifically built to highlight its importance by tackling subjects such as the “gut brain axis”, digestive diseases and related solutions. 

A focus on women's health at every age

“My microbiota as a Woman”: addressing all related subjects such as puberty, pregnancy, related disorders, and how to take care of it. 

A focus on other Microbiota

“Our marvelous Microbiota”: gathering different subjects such as skin, ENT or pulmonary microbiota and the roles they play in the body. 

Information written by scientists about Microbiota become accessible for everyone through news, physician interviews, thematic folders, infographics, developed content and even through stories on the mobile version. 

« We look forward to raising awareness about the central role of this important organ with reliable, updated and useful content for physicians and lay public, said Murielle Escalmel, Corporate Scientific Communication Director. Thanks to this hub of knowledge dedicated to microbiota, we wish to establish the Biocodex Microbiota Institute as a major source of information for those who wants to know better about our microbiota. We also maintain our promise: providing scientific information for better health!” 

About the Microbiota Institute 

The Biocodex Microbiota Institute is an international scientific institution that aims to foster health through spreading knowledge about the human microbiota. To do so, the Institute addresses both healthcare professionals and the general public to raise their awareness about the central role of this still little-known organ of the body. 

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