Can healthy eating habits strengthen immunity?

Regardless of whether the world is in a pandemic situation or not, a healthy diet is good for the immune system, serving its functional needs and shaping the gut microbiota to produce an adequate immune response.

Created 16 June 2020
Updated 29 May 2024
Actu GP : Mieux manger peut-il renforcer l’immunité ?

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Created 16 June 2020
Updated 29 May 2024

Against the current pandemic backdrop, everyone would want a stronger immune system and develop better resistance to infections. Numerous articles have highlighted the key role played by nutrition in immunity, but what can we really expect from nutrition in this regard? In fact, no study to date has shown that an improved diet can help fight viruses1,2, while protective measures and social distancing remain the most effective means of doing so. However, a well-chosen diet can optimize our immune defenses.

Two levers of action

Our food provides essential nutrients that contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system3, particularly zinc4, vitamin D5,6, vitamin A7 and antioxidants such as vitamin C5. Moreover, food affects the immune system by shaping the intestinal microbiota8,9. The billions of bacteria living in the gut are in constant dialogue with immune cells3 and play an important role in the immune response triggered by infections10 12. A well-balanced microbiota also helps regulate the immune system, preventing it from “overreacting”10,11 (i.e. maintaining a state of alert harmful to the body when it should return to standby once its mission is accomplished). For this reason, the aim is to “strengthen” rather than “boost” the immune system.

Which foods to choose?

In practice, which foods should be consumed? Fruit and vegetables–which are a source of antioxidant vitamins–, and vitamin D-rich oily fish (supplemented if possible by exposure to the sun, which favors vitamin D synthesis by the skin) provide the immune system with all its basic requirements1. In addition, a varied diet rich in fiber and probiotics such as yogurt or cheese strengthens the microbiota, promoting health and immunity14,15. Conversely, a diet too rich in calories, fats and processed foods containing additives depletes the microbiota1,8,14.


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