Our marvelous microbiota

Picture your gut as a big city. Well, a “Microbiota City” to be more precise.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi (including yeasts), parasites… Your gut microbiota is composed of all these living microorganisms1.

You should also know that you have bacteria in every other part of your body as well: in the ears2, mouth3, skin4, lungs5, urinary tract6, and even in the vagina7.

Get to understand what each of them does, the role they play in our body, and how each of us should take care of our microbiota.

Covid-19 & microbiota

With COVID-19 continuing to spread, we all hope to have the necessary equipment to fight it. From birth onwards, the immune system accomplishes its defense mission in close cooperation with the gut microbiota.

Have you heard about the skin microbiota?

Did you know that skin was the largest organ in the human body? And that the skin acts as a triple protective barrier? Let’s focus on its marvelous microbiota!


Acne, which is a very common skin disease during adolescence, is caused by hormonal changes associated with...

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