Living well with your intestines

Qu'est-ce que tu as dans le ventre [Whats in your stomach?]is the title of the book written by the journalist Caroline Balma-Chaminadour and the gastroenterologist-proctologist Dr. Philippe Godeberge. What are the keys to calm digestion? How do you prevent digestive tract disorders and diseases? To answer these questions, the authors first explain the functioning of the intestine: how it plays the role of guardian of your internal borders, how it protects you from toxins, bacteria and allergens, how it strengthens your immune system and how it is connected to your brain. To live well, in addition to the quality of your diet, the ongoing dialogue between your intestines and your brain must not be disrupted.  This book will provide you with avenues to a better understanding of the life of your intestines and how to take care of them.



Qu'est-ce que tu as dans le ventre ? Philippe Godeberge et Caroline Balma-Chaminadour, éd. Hachette, 256 p., collection Forme, février 2017