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How to balance your microbiota

Bringing in good bacteria to fill or enrich the microbiota and help it to function smoothly. This is the challenge of microbiota modulation. In addition to a varied and balanced diet, probiotics and prebiotics have a well-documented benefit in may digestive diseases. They have also been the subject of intense research in all the diseases involving the microbiota. More recently, modulation by fecal transplant is currently limited, but can be extended to other indications.

There are five ways to affect the equilibrium of microbiotas. Each of them has its own specific features.

In episode 2 of MICROREVEAL , Louise Ekland asked Dr. Alexis Mosca, gastro-pediatrician, about the gut microbiota, an indispensable ally of our health. He gives us some keys to take care of it and ensure its balance.