Women and their microbiota

The themed dossier “Women and their Microbiota,” published at the end of March, details the latest developments in microbiota research in women.

Recent scientific publications have provided new data on the involvement of the vaginal microbiota in certain women’s predisposition to sexually transmitted infections (STIs), conception, healthy babies, and the postpartum onset of precancerous lesions in HIV-positive women.

For example, we are told that the risk of sexually transmitted infections is based in part on the health of the vaginal microbiota. A recent Dutch study proved that some women, whose vaginal microbiota is not balanced, have a higher risk of infection. According to the researchers, imbalance in the vaginal flora weakens the barrier formed by the vaginal mucosa and leads to inflammation of the vaginal walls, which makes HIV infection more likely. These women can reduce their risk of STIs by tending their microbial flora.

Created 27 March 2018
Updated 31 May 2024
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