Gut microbiota: our immune system’s best friend

100,000 billion “good” bacteria live in our gut. These bacteria are essential for digestion and contribute to a well-functioning immune system. From gestation and in the first 1,000 days of life, they lay a solid foundation for our health.     

Created 22 July 2022
Updated 02 November 2022

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Created 22 July 2022
Updated 02 November 2022

What is the gut microbiota? Why are the first 1,000 days of our life so important for its proper development? What is the link to immunity? Why does it play a key role for our health? How does it change over our lifetime? Jamy Gourmaud answers all these questions in this short video.

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Jamy Gourmaud is a famous French journalist, television host and popularizer.

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This video is taken from the program “Les pouvoirs extraordinaires du corps humain” [The extraordinary powers of the human body]:

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