MICROREVEAL no. 2: A closer look at intestinal microbiota

Our series returns with a 2nd episode devoted to intestinal microbiota, an indispensable ally for our health. Explore this fascinating world alongside Louise and Julie.

Created 09 October 2020
Updated 02 May 2024

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Created 09 October 2020
Updated 02 May 2024

Microbiota: At the heart of our health

The MICROREVEAL series aims to raise awareness about the importance of microbiota in our daily lives. After a 1st episode focusing on imbalances in vaginal microbiota, journalist Louise Ekland is moving on to intestinal microbiota. Better known as “intestinal flora”, this microbiota is made up of more than 100 trillion microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and so on) and is one of the richest microbiota in our bodies.

Its role in diarrhea, among other things...

In this new episode, Julie suffers from diarrhea. To help shed light on this issue, Louise interviewed Dr. Alexis Mosca. Our intestinal microbiota is a genuine ecosystem that evolves over the course of our lives and varies according to several external factors – such as our diets or use of antibiotics – and internal factors – including our geographic origins. Its composition is thought to be associated with numerous illnesses (antibiotic-associated diarrhea, allergies and so on.)

Do you know how to take good, regular care of yours?


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