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The genitals

In women, some intimate discomforts are caused by an imbalance in the intestinal microbiota.

  • Nutrition and metabolism

    The intestinal microbiota has not yet revealed all its secrets to us, especially when it is a question of understanding the causes and/or co...
  • Allergies

    Sneezing, runny nose ... pollens are not the only culprits! And while the intestinal microbiota also has its share of responsibility ...
  • Digestive system

    Stomach ache, diarrhea, bloating, etc., these symptoms that we are all familiar with are common signs of digestive system disruption.
  • ENT and respiratory system

    From colds to chronic asthma, exploration of the intestinal microbiota provides a new clarification on respiratory diseases.
  • Urinary system

    Man or woman, young or older, a disruption in the intestinal microbiota can have effects on the urinary system.
  • Psychiatry and nervous system

    What role does the intestinal microbiota play in the occurrence of diseases related to the nervous system? This question currently attracts ...
  • Heart and blood vessels

    How diet, lifestyle and intestinal microbiota can all be involved in circulatory and heart disorders.
  • Bones and joints

    Joint pain, rheumatism, etc., the intestinal microbiota is increasingly suspected and investigated in this matter.
  • The skin

    How can the intestinal microbiota influence skin problems? Research has shown connections between the two.