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All microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts, fungi…) living in the gastrointestinal tract make up your gut microbiota (formerly called gut flora). This ecosystem is the largest in the body in terms of number of microorganisms and most are found in the colon. Its balance is key to your health and it has many different functions as it aids digestion, protects you against harmful bacteria, stimulates your immune system… It is important to properly take care of it!

Discover the secrets hidden inside our microbiota
Microbiota: everyone concerned!
Tom face
Age:44 years old
Leisure: Runs every Sunday morning, marathon runner.
Could our gut bacteria impact our athletic performance?
Amy face
Age:42 years old
Favorite drinks: Green tea and red wine lover
Is what we drink important to the balance of our gut microbiota?
Lucas face
Age:15 years old
Favorite food: burgers and pizzas